Reaaliaikainen julkaisu ja haku

Real-time… it’s becoming quite an important element. Webtrends has released real-time search combined with alerts. PubiSubhubbub on nousemassa blogeille työntämään syötteensä sen sijaan, että ne noudettaisiin. Hakureaktioaika lyhenee ... ihmiset odottavat vastauksia kysymyksiin, jotka on esitetty vasta muutama minuutti sitten.

For publishers, the challenge is to react when news happens and capitalize on it immediately. If you’re in the mobile industry and new happens, you need to publish as quickly as possible. It’s not just popularity that is driving traffic, it’s also your ability to react.

A few days ago, I published a WordPress Plugin for ChaCha. The plugin is a combination of testing certain elements of ChaCha’s vast network of questions – now available through an API, topical feeds, and custom feeds. The plugin has a few sidebar widgets – one that actually allows for real-time asking of questions and getting an answer back…. pretty cool.

Blogin omistajille, olen myös mukana ChaCha Trends kojelauta, joka tarjoaa bloggaajille yleiskuvan trenditietoja ChaCha, Twitter ja Google! Tarkkailemalla trenditietoja voit hyödyntää liikennettä aiheista, joista ihmiset kysyvät, etsivät tai keskustelevat.

Please let me know what you think! Just go to your plugin directory, Add New, and search for ChaCha. Click install and it will install the plugin. To use the sidebar widgets, register for a developer login from ChaCha and you’ll be up and running in no time! If you simply want to run the dashboard, just write anything in the API Avainkenttä.

There’s quite a bit of noise from pop culture across all the sources, but you’ll find a gem every once in a while to capitalize on. Utilizing real-time terms in your content and publishing the content quickly can provide your blog with quite a bit of unexpected traffic!

Disclosure: ChaCha on asiakas.

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