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mahtavia kirjoittajia

Osa uudesta tuotemerkistämme oli keksimässä ainutlaatuinen ominaisuus nimenomaan Martech Zone. Vaikka kutsun tätä sivustoa blogini, I truly want the blog to be a collection of views from other professionals in the industry. At times, I disagree with what's written here… but I support the fact that we all have different perspectives on the industry. I think it's important that readers are exposed to different views as well. And of course I encourage everyone to saat sen kommenteissa!

Anyways, I'm also always looking for ways to encourage the other bloggers to contribute. One of the ideas has come to fruition today. Stephen Coley, Ja DK New Media (toimistomme), on julkaissut Awesome Authors -laajennuksen ensimmäisen beetan!

mahtavia kirjoittajia

If you scroll to the bottom of our page, you can mouseover any of the authors to see their bios, links to their latest blog posts, as well as a link to their home page. You can scroll throughout all the authors by using the left and right arrows. The plugin is built with jQuery and Ajax (WordPress compatible), so it doesn't preload all of the author data and slow down the page load.

We're looking to widgetize the plugin and add some additional features as well as a robust administration page. Of course, Stephen is working on this in between client commitments so sometimes it takes longer than we'd like! But he's doing a heck of a job and the plugin looks great!

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    Rakastan sitä! Ja tietysti rakastan valitsemaasi esikatselukuvaa. 🙂

    Nyt olet inspiroinut minua lisäämään lisää viestejä The Marketing Tech Blogiin!

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