Kuinka löytää käyttämättömät CSS-tyylit tyylitaulukostasi


Even though your stylesheets are cached, the first time someone visits your site a bloated CSS file can really slow your site down. This isn’t too great for a first impression. As sites grow, they tend to expand with new widgets and objects that designers continue to fine-tune with more and more stylesheet options. Over time, your stylesheet can get quite bloated and be a key part of miksi sivustosi latautuu hitaammin kuin muut.

I’ve seen other CSS verification tools out on the web. We’ve used Puhdista CSS to reduce the file size by better organizing and minifying the data on it. When you’re using a third party to analyze your site, you have to be careful, though. If they scrape one page and analyze your CSS, the tool may have you remove reduce tons of styles that are utilized on other pages.

Ei niin Käyttämätön CSS - työkalu Andrew Baldock alkaen Mindjet, a mielen kartoitus application, showed me yesterday. The tool crawls your site and identifies unused CSS. You can even check styles you want to keep regardless of the analysis. To top it off, you can download the stylesheet after it’s run through a minify routine.

käyttämättömät css

Yläpuolella on kojelauta missä Käyttämätön CSS found that it could reduce my stylesheet by 56%. We’re going to continue to test out the tool – I’m still concerned about objects we’re pulling in via Javascript and Ajax. However, it’s looking like a great resource for us.

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